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Side A
Chameleon (Shed Your Skin) - Huff & Herb Funky Mix - George Michael - Backing Vocals
Chameleon (Shed Your Skin) - Hands On Healing Mix - George Michael - Backing Vocals
Side B
Chameleon (Shed Your Skin) - Peyote Mix - George Michael - Backing Vocals
Chameleon (Shed Your Skin) - Mopani Mix - George Michael - Backing Vocals
In the autumn of 1996 James Jackman (keyboards and production) met Arianne Shreiber - a friend of a friend. Arianne was born in South Africa and a passionate song writer. The pair began writing material days after first meeting up, Arianne writing the melodies and lyrics, James laying down the foundations. Soon after Jim Thomas (a friend of another friend!) and an extremely talented guitarist got involved; the three really connected and the band TRIGGER was formed.
The demo tape they compiled towards the end of 1996 contained three tracks - Chameleon, Tiger Lily and Pleasure and Purple, and it was entirely constructed in James' Tufnell Park bedroom overlooking a choked and smoggy arterial road. Amongst the tapes sent out, and at the suggestion of a friend of Ariannes, she sent one to George Michael's fledging label Aegean based in Highgate, North London. Two days later and a week before the band's first live show George Michael called Arianne at home, and within a week Aegean committed to signing them.
Throughout 1997 the band worked with Niall Flynn, George's engineer, and started putting an album together. George Michael was a powerful and inspiring influence at this time and helped shape, and provide backing vocals for one of the tracks Chameleon.
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