DMC 251 Commercial Collection - 2 CD Set

Disc One
Classic Christmas - Christmas Rappin' - S Club Juniors "Sleigh Ride" - Wham! "Last Christmas" - DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince "Boom Shake The Room" - Shakin' Stevens "Merry Xmas Everyone" - House Of Pain "Jump Around" - Band Aid "Do They Know It's Xmas" + Samples
Classic Christmas - Christmas Rockin'
Michael Jackson 'Billie Jean' (Remix)
Sugababes Vs Cece Peniston (Bootimix)
Popdance Hitlist 2003 (Mix One Part One)
Popdance Hitlist 2003 (Mix One Part Two)
Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas 2003 (Remix)
Urban Hitlist 2003 (Mix One Part 1)
Urban Hitlist 2003 (Mix One Part 2)
Disc Two
R&B Hitlist 2003 (Mix One Part 1)
R&B Hitlist 2003 (Mix One Part 2)
Christina's In Da Club Megamix
Wham! - Last Christmas (Remix)
Poptrance Hitlist 2003 (Mix One Part 1)
Poptrance Hitlist 2003 (Mix One Part 2)
Sean Paul's Soca House Party
Classic DMC Megamix - Christmas Party (Re-Jig)
Launched as a DJ ONLY record subscription club in February 1983, DMC is without doubt the founding company of DJ culture. Fuelled by a company manned by DJ managers, DMC single handedly led the dance music revolution of the 80's.
It was DMC who invented the word 'megamix' and first used DJ's as producers of 'remixes' on their club label. DMC was also the company who first took DJs and fans on holiday together to IBIZA as far back as 1986.
Other feathers in DMC's corporate cap include the creation of The World DJ Championship which have given birth to Turntablism, a brand new music artistry which has turned the record player into a musical instrument. It was DMC that staged an event which saw Public Enemy, Run DMC, James Brown and Janet Jackson sharing the Royal Albert Hall stage with the world's greatest exponents of DJ art. Carl Cox, at the start of his career, entered the DMC/Technics DJ Championship. Sasha was once managed by DMC. Dave Seaman was the editor of DMC's Mixmag magazine. Jr.Vasquez career as a remixer was kick-started on DMC's remix service. Paul Oakenfold received his first front page in DMC's Mixmag magazine and, it is true to say, every DJ icon who turned the tables in decades 80's and 90's, was first featured on the front page of DMC's dance music bible, MIXMAG or Mixmag Update, (now '7' magazine)!
The DMC organisation's commitment to exposing and inspiring DJ art and to raising DJ standards was a world wide effort with branches in 40 nations. Whilst "Mixmag" in the UK drove the tribes of fans to appreciate great DJs and "MIXER", (son of "Mixmag USA"), planted big DJ seeds across the USA's traditional rock driven industry. DMC's influence was undoubtedly felt by the DJ population as their international touring potential and earning power expanded beyond their wildest dreams.
Never moving in anything other than a forwardly direction, DMC took on the challenge of another world first, a weekly UK publication. '7' magazine was launched in the UK in the spring of 1999. With 40 National branches and offices in London, Slough and New York, DMC arrives at the 21st century still wired positively continuing to inspire the world DJ population.
This time around, DMC plans to change the way DJs market themselves and the way record labels communicate with them and the way fans track them down! Welcome to DMCWORLD.COM. the new home pages for the world-wide Dance Music Community, the DJs, the labels, the artistes, the producers AND THE FANS!
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